The Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena

Spokane, Washington


acoustical, audio, network, control

  RSA Corporation (Washington Dance Sport)

Everett, Washington


Coming Soon

  Newport Presbyterian Church

Bellevue, Washington

acoustical, audio, video, control

  Alderwood Community Church

Lynnwood, Washington


  Queen Anne United Methodist Church

Seattle, Washington


  Holy Spirit Lutheran Church

Redmond, Washington

audio, video

  Snohomish P. U. D.

Everett, Washington

audio, video, control


"Casa de Escāndalo Studio"

Maltby, Washington

acoustical, audio, control


The root of our job is to take the customer through all the typical components of a desired system identifying specific design criteria.  In system design those desires should be reflected in the completed design.  Unfortunately budgets often dictate something different.  We draw upon our experience to find ways to accomplish the desired outcome and quality with minimum cost. 

Technology evolves at an ever increasing rate.  Keeping in touch with the latest and greatest products and techniques keeps us aware of what works and what doesn't.  The last thing you want is to be left high and dry because that new widget failed during your big presentation.  We make it a point to specify products that have proven their performance for at least a year.  Tap dancing through a  presentation because the system doesn't work isn't on the top of anyone's bucket list.

A partnership in the overall project design and installation with top notch consultants, and system integrators who have extensive experience in the installation of audiovisual projects, adds even more predictability.  Working as a team helps to ensure your project keeps on track from the design estimates to actual on site operational completion.  MBF Audiovisual works with area contractors on dozens of projects every year. 

Let us help you with your technology or media project.


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