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Audio and video systems require constant maintenance to provide their best performance.   Over time controls are moved, projector alignment may slip and parts may actually fail.  MBF Audiovisual has the experience and equipment to evaluate your installation and recalibrate it for optimum performance. 

"That is provided the equipment is in good working condition." 

Should the audio or video system require repair or replacement of any part we can give you a fair estimate of the replacement cost and recommend a number of reputable AV integrators' who can provide you with the replacement parts and installation service. 

An audio or video system properly designed, installed and serviced should give you worry free operation for at least five years.  With proper upkeep and maintenance that same system may operate for seven to ten years without problems.  With a quality system technology evolution is usually the reason for changes or upgrades.  When was the last time you played an LP or even a cassette tape.  These days CD's are even falling by the way side in favor of a computer an iPOD or even cell phones.

Video projectors are the exception to this rule.  There is a limited life expectancy for the light engine in any projector.  However, with care and cleaning of the filter on a regular basis the expected life of the light engine will not be shortened. 

We understand that you could call an AV integrator directly and save the cost of the evaluation.  That's okay with us, if you have a comfortable relationship with an AV integrator PLEASE use them.  We offer this service to those who want to have an informed understanding of what to expect when you do call for help.


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