"Casa de Escāndalo Studio"



Ranch-themed studio space designed for writing music in comfort

This space is to be used by an up-and-coming artist for writing and producing tracks for her new album.  When designing the space a few of the criteria were:

  • ˇ         An environment where writing would be comfortable and enjoyable

  • ˇ         Technology would not overwhelm the architecture or ambience

  • ˇ         Acoustically-controlled to record critical vocal or instrumental passages

  • ˇ         Live enough to record the whole band



"8" at McMahon

After refurbishing the sound and control systems at the Husky Den, the HFS staff asked if MBF Audiovisual would look at the system at McMahon Hall.  The challenge was to add programming updates to the Media Matrix X-frame and to configure the system for control from a central location.  The sound system in the upscale "8" at McMahon covers 65,000 sq. ft. of kitchen & dining facilities.

"8" serves fresh and fabulous cuisine prepared by some of the best chefs in the Northwest. From specialty salads to deluxe burgers, Pagliacci pizza to classic ratatouille, "8" has something to satisfy everyone (eight dining concepts in all!).

The University of Washington

Husky Den


The Husky den is a 45,000 square-foot dining facility at the University of Washington.  Within the Husky Den complex are eight different dining establishments that feed roughly ten-thousand students on a busy day.

The award winning facility is home to five different food concepts developed by the HFS staff: Firecracker, Arribal, At home, Red Radish and Pickles & Fries.  In addition, they have a partnership with Subway and Pagliacci's Pizza, and an Atrium espresso bar.


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